Tyler Deaton 


Allegiance Strategies  
Middleburg, VA  


Tyler Deaton is the president of Allegiance Strategies, a public affairs firm working to build a freer, safer, and stronger world through lobbying and fundraising on behalf of human rights, personal freedom, and like-minded elected officials. At Allegiance, Tyler has raised over $150 million for non-profit and political causes, including $40 million to advance LGBTQ rights. Other causes of particular interest to Tyler include religious freedom, refugee rights, women's economic empowerment, the U.S.-Israel alliance, artificial intelligence, and space exploration. In addition to his work at Allegiance, Tyler works in an advisory capacity for several organizations. He is the founder and senior advisor to Freedom to Believe, a conservative organization working to foster a better understanding of Islam among conservatives, and a co-founder of American Friends of Kurdistan, a non-profit dedicated to promoting American-Kurdish relations. He is also a senior advisor to American Unity Fund, a center-right pro-LGBTQ organization, an advisor to National Immigration Law Center, and an advisor to the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. Tyler is a Fellow of the second class of the Civil Society Fellowship, a Partnership of ADL and The Aspen Institute, and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.