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Kody Kinsley  

North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services

Raleigh, NC

Kody H. Kinsley serves as Secretary of the NC Department of Health & Human Services; appointed to the cabinet position by Governor Roy Cooper and unanimously confirmed by the North Carolina Senate. As Secretary, Kinsley oversees a department that has broad responsibility for all aspects of health and human services, a staff of 18,000 and an annual budget of $26 billion. Kinsley joined the Department in 2018 where he most recently served as Chief Deputy Secretary for Health and Operations Lead for North Carolina’s COVID-19 response. Secretary Kinsley believes his responsibilities fall into two buckets: Keeping the state well-prepared for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; and ensuring the residents of North Carolina recover even stronger. To do this, Secretary Kinsley has identified three priority areas of focus: Behavioral Health & Resilience, Child & Family Wellbeing, and Strong & Inclusive Workforce. By focusing on these three areas, Secretary Kinsley believes the state can make smart investments that drive health for individuals and value for public resources. Kinsley is a Fellow of the Civil Society Fellowship and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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