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Eliana Johnson


Washington Free Beacon

Washington, DC


Eliana Johnson is the editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon, an American conservative political journalism website with a focus on public policy, government affairs, international security, and media. At the Free Beacon, Eliana leads a newsroom of 25 employees, provides editorial direction for the publication, and mentors new reporters. Prior to joining the newspaper in October 2019, she was a White House correspondent at POLITICO. Eliana previously worked as a policy analyst for CNN and is a regular presence on cable television. Her political analysis has been featured on NBC’s Meet the Press, ABC’s Think Week, CBS’ Face the Nation, and PBS’ NewsHour. She spent three years as a writer for the show Hannity on Fox News and as Washington Editor of the National Review, where she was lead reporter of the 2016 elections. She began her career as a research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University. Eliana is a Fellow of the Civil Society Fellowship and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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